Kelly McClure

Kelly McClure


In the late '90s I got my start writing for a string of local papers in suburban Illinois covering hot topics like new tanning salons and baby beauty pageant winners. I went on to freelance for a few publications in Chicago such as The Chicago Reader, New City, and Time Out Chicago. At some point I moved to New York and surfed a wave of sweaty ambition into the position of Music Editor for Bust Magazine, and later, for VICE Magazine. Alongside those I have also written for Maxim as a daily Music News Writer, The Hairpin, Thought Catalog, NY Magazine, Vanity Fair, NY Post, Destination America's paranormal site, The Hauntist, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Consequence of Sound, and Rolling Stone. In 2015 I moved to New Orleans where I live with my wife and two cats in a big blue house. In addition to entertainment and personal essay writing, you can also find my short fiction stories on a site I run called Daily Anne Rice, which has very little, if nothing, to do with Anne Rice.

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