Lauren DePino


Lauren is a memoirist, represented by Dr. Uwe Stender, President of TriadaUS Literary Agency. She is also head writer for the Leapfrog Group, a company that specializes in strategic communications for nonprofits throughout the nation. She’s won writing awards from the American Legion and Peco, among other places; a scholarship to The Philadelphia Writer’s Conference; and, began writing for her local newspaper when she was fourteen years-old. Lauren is also a SAG-AFTRA actress, dedicated yogi, student of the sitar, wedding/funeral singer, songwriter, and has recorded her original songs with a Grammy/Golden Globe-nominated producer. In September of 2015, she left her her home of 33 years, Philadelphia, to live with her love in Los Angeles. She is currently working on her second creative nonfiction book.

Lauren DePino Articles

“"Have a burger for God’s sake,” “You’re a twig,” “Are you anorexic?”

"Lucky": The Plight Of The Naturally Skinny Girl 

I don’t care about my weight. But other people do.