Leah Bonnema

Leah Bonnema


Leah Bonnema has been featured on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, VH1 and in the Huffington Post as one of their Favorite Female Comedians. She has performed at numerous festivals including the Magner’s Glasgow Comedy Fest on The America Stands Up Showcase and in NY’s Funniest at the New York Comedy Festival. Leah is a writer and actor for Lady Parts Justice, a regular on Riotcast Radio’s "The Hole," and produces a weekly segment for United Stations. She has had the honor of performing for the troops in Iraq, toured throughout the Middle East and performed for the US Marines at the famed Friar’s Club. Triple J Magazine recently featured Leah as one of the "Funniest People You Should Know About" and The New York Times called her “a promising favorite.” Leah hails from Maine, graduated with honors from McGill University and currently lives in New York City where she performs stand-up regularly. For more information please go to LeahBonnema.com and subscribe to youtube.com/LeahBonnema.

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