Ronni Robinson

Ronni Robinson


Ronni is a member of the Sandwich Generation; she's the tired lunch meat layered between two teenage children and aging parents. A 3-time Ironman triathlon finisher, she finds hours of cardio activity and competing to be less exhausting than her combined caretaking efforts.  She's a little freaked out about turning 50 in 2018.  She's also a little freaked out that her oldest child leaves for college in August; the first step to adding Empty Nester to her resume.    

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I took and ate food out of a public trashcan. This is my struggle with obsessive overeating.​

Eating Pizza Out Of The Trash Can: My Struggle With Obsessive Overeating​

Without even thinking, I went over to the trashcan. Fortunately, the trash was piled pretty high. This is my struggle with obsessive overeating.​