Steve Garrett

Steve Garrett


Steve Garrett is a Cardiff (Wales)-based social entrepreneur, writer, poet, and musician (aka ‘Stainless Steve' — who has a long -standing interest in men’s issues and is currently involved in several UK Men’s groups. Steve feels like he has made every relationship mistake possible, but has finally learned a few things (from experience and often from women) and is keen to share them with anyone interested enough to listen. Steve would like to be the kind of ‘concerned older man’ and mentor for young men that he wishes he’d had during his misspent youth. Steve set up FeMANism ( as an online forum where men could explore together how to achieve liberation from the ‘Man Box’ at the same time as supporting women’s struggle for equal rights and freedom from fear — to the benefit of both genders.

Steve Garrett Articles

After a recent relationship ended, I had to think long and hard about what went wrong, and why.

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