Abbey MacDonald: Director at LAFF, Comedienne

"Most of this digital stuff is really skewing male, but a lot of the viewers are female. And not that we don't love some of the jokes that they're throwing at us, but we would love to have something that's really skewed and aimed towards us."

They say that content is king. But with so much out there to watch on so many different platforms, how do you stand out? According to Abbey MacDonald, quality and creativity are key. As the Director of Digital Acquisitions at LAFF, a brand-new network that curates comedy with a female flair, she certainly understands the importance of satisfying a target audience with high-quality material. We discussed how this network came to be, where it’s going, and why you can just buy an antenna and throw away your cable boxes right now. And what the ladies are laughing at these days.

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