Live Tweeting My Breakup Landed Me In A Mental Hospital

Soon, it became clear that I was heading into full depression territory, and not necessarily just because my relationship ended. Offline, I was miserable.

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Black People Get Eating Disorders Too

Eating disorders continue to be misunderstood and stigmatized within the Black community. For years, there have been myths about eating disorders affecting only white, affluent, young women. With increasing education and discussion on the subject, it’s becoming more apparent how universal eating disorders are. 

Eating disorders impact people of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, socioeconomic statuses, and other identifiers. 

Eating disorders are equally devastating for everyone. Despite this fact, some people within the Black community misunderstand and downplay the severity of this disease, particularly when it impacts other Black people. 

You can start practicing attunement on a micro or macro level, or anywhere in between. We are all taking baby steps, so go slow, go gentle, and leave room to experiment and discover more about who you are.

Basic Attunement: How Do I Start Listening To What My Own Self Is Trying To Tell Me?

If you are like me, you weren't raised to tune into your body, mind, or spirit. Tuning in was something you did to television, or something you made fun of when your weird Aunt Susan told you how to breathe into your third chakra to release your blocked Chi from three lifetimes ago.

And here’s the real beauty of it: when you don’t owe anyone an interaction …  You’re free to give from the heart.

You Don't Owe Anyone An Interaction

So the next time you feel pressured to respond, try taking pause and reminding yourself that you don’t owe anyone an interaction. Revel in the reality that you get to choose. You have the authority to decide how to spend your time and energy.

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How Divorce Prepared Me For A Crisis

We don’t always see the lessons when we are knee-deep in a crisis; our only thought is, “How do I survive this storm?” Read...
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I Was Med Shamed By The Only Psychiatrist In Town

Even though she saw me, sitting across from her, smiling and alert again, she discouraged the Zoloft every time I saw her.  Read...
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Negative Post-Divorce Feelings: One Day They’re Going To Get The Best Of Me

I have guilt, I have entitlement, and I have anger. One day, one of those three things is going to get the better of me. Read...