BangFit: The App That Tracks Your F*cking Exercise (Literally)

Image Credit: PornHub

Image Credit: PornHub

In a world where we can wear gadgets that measure our steps, mileage, and heartrate — not to mention that tell us the weather, give us our text messages, and let us control the music on our phones, it was only a matter of time before there was wearable tech for sex. Specifically, tech that makes sex count as a workout.

PornHub has announced the upcoming launch of BangFit, a phone app that — you guessed it — helps you get fit by banging.

The way it works is, you sync the app from the PornHub site to your phone and set it for one-, two-, or three-player mode. You can pick from a bunch of different positions and the app will tell you how many calories each burns. Then one person puts on a BangFit belt and the app tells you what motion to put in your ocean.

This is probably not an app that workplace wellness programs will give you rewards for using. And you probably don’t want to sync it to your Facebook and have it posting brags like, “Susie burned 275 calories doggie-style with BangFit!”

The writer who tried it for Tech Crunch had some trouble getting it to work, which is to be expected, since it’s still in beta. If I may suggest: I have a definite issue with how unsexy the belt is. If I’m going to wear something when I’m gettin’ busy, I want a little lace and pizazz, ya know?

PornHub hasn't given out a release date, saying only that the app will be available “soon”.

In the meantime...

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