BREAKING: Sex. It's Good For You.

Everyone knows that sex is good for your mood, your relationships, and your gluteal muscles. Turns out, it might be good for your memory as well!

Researchers at Coventry University in England have been looking at the link between sex and memory in older adults. They surveyed 6,800 people between the ages of 50 and 89 on their sex lives. Afterwards, the participants were asked to take a number of mental tests. The results found that the people who have sex on a regular basis did better on memory related tests.

Woohoo! Sex is good for your brain! IT’S SCIENCE!

The researchers credit dopamine and oxytocin with the improved memory functions. Both of those chemicals are released during sex. They are also released during exercise, so you can go for a hike or take a Zumba class to get a similar effect if sex isn’t on your regular agenda (the article does not mention if dopamine and oxytocin are released during masturbation).

Having regular sex might not prevent Alzheimer’s or other age-related forms of dementia; however, it certainly can't hurt. So go have some sex, if you’re so inclined!

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