Butter's Officially Good Now, But As Far As I'm Concerned, It's Always Been Good

Butter: still food.

Butter: still food.

Yesterday, the big news in food science was that BUTTER ISN’T BAD FOR YOU AFTER ALL! It turns out that butter, like other saturated fats, isn’t the health demon-food that we were once told it was. I think now we’re supposed to do Kermit-arms and dance around rejoicing that we can butter our toast with impunity.

Or we can just butter our toast because butter tastes good on toast and also on vegetables and you can roast apples in butter and brown sugar and OMG so good. And we can all just agree that butter is food and we eat food.

Can we do that? Please?

I know it’s my job to watch the headlines so I can come here to my little corner of the Internet and share my discoveries with all of you, my lovely readers. And you all look really pretty and happy today and I like you so much. But I’m tired of food headlines and I think I might stop clicking on them.

Food is food and we’re supposed to eat it when we’re hungry. It makes our bodies go, which is a good thing. When food tastes awesome, that’s great because there’s nothing quite like the disappointment of food that doesn’t live up to expectations. Like when you bite into a peach and it’s all dry and grainy instead of juicy and delicious? Such a bummer.

But science keeps telling us stuff we don’t really need to know about food. Then they change their minds about food and the food they told us was bad a week ago is now ok and vice versa. And magazines keep telling us about miracle foods and foods that are secretly killing us in our sleep and foods we should never, ever, even bring home because it will burst the buttons on our pants and steal the love of our pets.

But, folks, we’re all hungry. And we should just eat the food. It’s really as simple as that. 

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