Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh And Company Cancel Global Pro-Rape Meetings

A group of “heterosexual, masculine men” who follow the ideals of Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh had to cancel a day of global meet-ups because of safety and privacy concerns. Roosh is an author and web presence who proclaims he can teach men how to get laid without having to go through all that pesky “having a good personality” and “getting consent from your partner” stuff. Roosh has actually suggested rape should be legal on private property, because apparently his idea of private property does not extend to the bodies of women, WHICH ARE ACTUALLY PRIVATE AS FUCK AND NOT FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, YOU DICKWEEDS.

Ahem. These guys make me a little irate.

Roosh’s band of merry bros was supposed to have an international day of meet-ups on February 6, but opposition from groups of women, sane men, and law enforcement in Australia, who didn't want Roosh in their country because NO ONE LIKES RAPISTS, ASSHOLE, has caused Rooshy boy to run away with his pathetic, limp tail between his legs.

Roosh cites safety concerns as the reason for canceling the events. Aw, that’s so sad for him. Maybe he should take the time to learn all the safety rules women have to internalize beginning with puberty. Things like not going to bars alone so you have protection, never letting anyone fetch your drink in case they drug it, never parking in a dark area in case someone is lurking, and generally fearing men because any one of them might turn out to be A COWARDLY FUCKWAD LIKE ROOSH WHO CAN’T TAKE NO FOR A FUCKING ANSWER.

There is no evidence that a global uproar about his attitudes has caused Roosh or his adherents to review what’s wrong with their lives. Alas.

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