Got Plans For The Weekend? How About A Dog-Shaped B&B?

In my travels, I have stayed in a reconditioned caboose, a youth hostel in Berlin after the fall of the Wall, an exquisitely appointed mansion-turned-hotel in France, and the kind of weird, cheap hotels that have beds that will vibrate if you put a quarter in the slot.

Never, however, have I stayed in a beagle.

I am probably going to add “Stay in a beagle-shaped B&B” to my travel wish list now that I know about Sweet Willy, a beagle-shaped bed and breakfast in Idaho.

The Dog Bark Park Inn features an enormous (and adorable) canine-shaped lodging, which is the brainchild of artists Frances Conklin and Dennis Sullivan in Cottonwood, Idaho. The beagle sleeps four with a main bedroom, a loft located in the nose of the beagle, and a full bath. Amenities include air conditioning and wifi, but no phone or television. Outside, there’s a smaller beagle called Toby and a giant fire hydrant that houses — what else? — a toilet.

The inside is decorated with one of a kind chainsaw art by the two owners and the breakfast menu includes their secret family recipe granola. Rates run $98 per night.

And you can even bring your dog to the dog! Pets are welcome for an additional fee!

So go ahead. Book a night or two at the Dog Bark park and cross an item off you travel bucket (or bark-et) list!

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