Is Katy Perry Really Jon-Benet Ramsey? (Spoiler Alert: No.)

The facts have never stopped Internet ridiculousness before.

The facts have never stopped Internet ridiculousness before.

The Internet has long been host to the most ridiculous stuff out there. You can find everything online — from “2 Girls 1 Cup” (you can Google that one on your own) to all kinds of tinfoil hat nonsense on Reddit’s conspiracy theory threads. But sometimes the cream of the crazy rises to the top with some spectacularly weird stuff.

We’re having one such moment right now, as a man is claiming that Katy Perry is not Katy Perry at all, but is actually Jon-Benet Ramsey, a child who disappeared from her family’s home in 1996.

In a video that originally circulated in 2014, a guy named Dave Johnson swears up and down that the Ramsey family staged the whole thing and then went on to live new lives as the Perry family. He cites Katy Perry’s eyebrows as proof. "You know, the eyebrows don't change much on a person," he claims. "You're born with your eyebrows.”

Clearly, Dave Johnson has never watched make-up tutorials on YouTube. You can do all kinds of things to eyebrows, including put glitter or jewels on them.

Other evidence debunking Johnson’s weird claim include the fact that Katy Perry is six years older than Ramsey would be if she were alive. There's the additional fact that Ramsey’s mother died in 2006, while Perry’s mother is still alive.

But facts have never stopped Internet ridiculousness before. I can’t imagine it will stop now.

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