White House Moves To Make Diapers More Affordable

You can’t think babies without thinking diapers. Anyone who’s spent more than an hour around a baby knows that a diaper change has either just happened or is imminent. It’s an inescapable reality.

Another reality is that 1 in 3 families struggle to afford diapers. This is not a small issue; when parents try to minimize the number of diapers used by keeping wet or soiled diapers on a baby, it can cause health problems like urinary tract infections and skin irritations.

You’d think there’d be some sort of help available for families that can't afford the diapers they need, but there isn’t. Programs like WIC and SNAP (food stamps) don’t cover diapers. In other words, you can get help getting food into your baby, but you’re on your own when that food comes out.

In a breathtaking example of government trying to solve a real problem in real time, the White House has decided to create solutions to the diaper gap. Last week, the Obama administration announced a partnership between online retailer jet.com and family services non-profits to provide diapers at a steep discount.

Individuals can order discounted diapers directly from jet.com already. The Cuties brand diapers are now shipped without graphics on the box and with more diapers per pack, bringing the cost down. Non-profits that distribute diapers for families such as shelters or support organizations can apply to purchase diapers in bulk at a lower wholesale rate. Jet is taking applications for non-profit partners on their website.

This is a fantastic initiative that will provide real relief to parents and babies in need! Thanks, Obama!

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