Sarah Finds Her Humanity

On learning to lose the ego and respect others:

"I took the past year off from work – my dad actually died last year – so I traveled and I spent a lot of time by myself and getting deeper into my own traumas growing up, and it became really uncomfortable to see my ego, and to see how I thought I was better than other people. I had help with it from a meditation teacher, but I had to make a choice to work on it. In dissolving my ego, it helped me to become more liberated and free, and it was painful to get through but once I came through the other end I found out that it was really rewarding. I'm still working on it, and it's a lifetime journey. But this was a big part – I realized that I am not superior to people in the way that I thought I was. Certain people that I didn't like. So it was interesting to discover that I did have love for those people, I just didn't like them and that was OK. It just comes down to respect for humanity."

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