Vanessa Silva

What is your most important goal right now?
My most important goal is to live sustainably and in full integrity with who I am, what I want, and what I bring to the world. I try to have a supportive and connected group of friends, I try to have a balanced family life, and I try to do work related to food and health.

What are your three favorite must-see movies?
One is Xingu, it's about the indigenous people in Brazil. Another one is Catching Babies –– it's a documentary about midwives, and another is The Wings of Desire. It's a Wim Wenders movie where an angel falls in love with a trapeze artist.

Give a shout out to the person that makes you laugh the hardest or you're the most grateful for.
I wanna give a shout out to the person that makes me laugh, that makes me mad, makes me happy, makes me expand on my power of loving and being patient –– Billie Valentina Shelby ––  my daughter!

Tell me about your outfit today.
I'm very good at wearing borrowed outfits –– this is a borrowed outfit! It's a traditional Mexican dress that I borrowed from a friend. 

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