I wavered between pride and self-loathing. Those marks were mine; I had made them.

On Self-Harm: The Scars That Remain 

The first time I was inspired to injure myself was when I was thirteen. I had just read Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, an Read...
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Take The Cake: Loving My Extended Adolescence (Or Something)

In the wake of America's "crisis of adulthood" and in the middle of a city known for Peter Pan Syndrome, I find myself feeling that I too have gotten Read...
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I found that de-centering my breasts from my daily routine changed me. And it kind of changed the way I do gender. Image: Virgie Tovar.

Take The Cake: Cleavage vs. Fatphobia

I saw my boobs as a way to get me into the secret world of feminine desirability, so I played them like they were my winning hand. I created an Read...
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The Dangerous Gender Lessons Young Male Athletes Learn

The culture around sports (and especially high school football fandom) made it difficult not to internalize a lot of harmful assumptions. Read...
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Credit: Final Fantasy VII

Lessons From My 10-Year-Old Self On Social Activism

In Final Fantasy VII, I could pretend I was Tifa Lockhart, the tough activist who punched and kicked her way through any enemies. Read...
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It's Time To Change How We Look At The Teen Brain

It's worth questioning some of our assumptions about adolescent inferiority. Read...
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Fiction Friday: At Fourteen

His mouth was soft. He could swear, make out, act indifferent, complain, and get embarrassed all in five minutes. Read...
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Fiction Friday: Boys And Bicycles

My stomach turns at the touch of his rough hands, and I vomit on his bare feet. Read...
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