Growing Up With Autism And ADHD, I Had To Adapt My Own Education

The education system isn’t designed for students like me. From as early as preschool up through my master’s degree, I struggled in a traditional Read...
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5 Key Ways You Can Be The Best Parent Advocate For Your Special Needs Child

Trust your instincts. You are the expert when it comes to your child. Don’t be afraid to speak up, to stand your ground, to share what works at and Read...
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If anything, now that a reality star is the President, surely it's more important than ever that celebrities use their platforms to achieve positive outcomes?

In Trump's America, Celebrity Political Advocacy Might Be Just What We Need

Celebrities have a platform, and regardless of whether or not they’re affected by the decisions of the country’s legislators, they’re able to speak Read...
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Gun violence is a problem. Here are a few ways to become part of the solution.

Gun Violence Awareness Day: America's Gun Violence Problem Demands A Better Answer

It's Gun Violence Awareness Day, and it's time for everyone to take action on this critical issue. Here are just a few ways to work towards Read...
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"The winter will not last forever." (Image Credit: Unsplash/Joe Gardner)

No Matter How Dark Right Now Feels, You Are Not Alone

This week is full of high emotions. Read...
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The writer, middle, with her friends Maureen and Janet

Why Do I Get To Be "Cancer Girl"?

If the odds of getting cancer are like Powerball, why couldn't I be a scratch-off millionaire? Read...
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Sex Trafficking Survivors Speak Out At UN Panel

“Don’t make yourself feel good by calling us survivors.” Read...
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Credit: National Post

Death Of Toronto Trans Woman Sumaya Dalmar Highlights Human Rights Crisis

The deaths of trans women like Dalmar constitute an emergency; there's no other word for it. Read...
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