For six months, citizens have watched their lawmakers with unwavering diligence and held them accountable for their every word. (Image credit: Friends of the Earth Scotland via Wikimedia Commons)

To All You 'Bleeding Heart Liberals' Who Helped Make Obamacare Un-Repealable: An Ode Of Thanks

Someone is going to try and tell you that John McCain saved Obamacare. Or Lisa Murkowski. Or Susan Collins. But it was you. YOU.

The Senate isn't interested in taking care of people, but teenagers are doing a darn good job taking care of themselves.

Teens Take Care Of Their Health Better Than Senate Republicans Take Care Of Anyone

Does the Senate health care bill suck? Yes. But because I hate to wallow in bad news, here’s something in the world of health and bodies that is a positive development: teens are more apt to use contraception now than in the past.

Rumors around Capitol Hill at the end of last week suggest that the Republicans are close to being finished with their AHCA bill, and they also think they’re close to having enough votes to pass it. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Senate Republicans Are Planning Their AHCA Legislation In Stealth Mode

There is a working group of 14 Republican men and one Republican woman (the woman was added after the outcry about the original all-male revue-style workgroup got loud enough) who are creating the Senate version of the bill in secret. Behind closed doors. No hearings to discuss major points of the law. No input from stakeholder groups like hospitals, patient advocacy groups, doctors, or insurance companies. No input from Senate Democrats.

"Women could be denied insurance based on “previous situations,” including C-sections, postpartum depression, and even rape and domestic violence."

National Women's Health Week: Sort Of

In a poll just released by Pew, only “23 percent of women are satisfied with the way things are going in the country today.” So make a point to call your elected representatives.
Tell them you want affordable and comprehensive healthcare.