beauty standards

Just — no. Absolutely not.

Dove Just Launched Its Most Ridiculous Body Positive Cash Grab Yet

Yeah, no. No one wants their bottle of body wash to look like their actual body. Read...
Rebekah Kuschmider    |   05.10.17   |   SHARE
"My illness creates the standard for myself; the rest of me has come to ignore beauty standards altogether, especially when it comes to other people."

Why Can't I See My Body The Way I See Other People's Bodies?

I have particular standards of beauty that I believe apply to my body — my body, and no one else’s. Read...
Ilana Masad    |   01.17.17   |   SHARE
"I spent quite a few of my preteen and early teen years enjoying taking pictures. But because of the combination of racism, fat antagonism, and lookism, I wasn’t always comfortable getting in front of the camera." Image: Thinkstock

The Right To Be Ugly: How Lookism Affects My Ability To Be Carefree

[W]hy must the acknowledgment of my beauty be predicated on how well and how often I contort to attempt to fit into some kind of ideal? Why can’t I Read...
Denarii Monroe    |   08.8.16   |   SHARE
The most beautiful thing you can be is happy. Image: Thinkstock.

Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep

Recently, I was looking through some old pictures of myself.... Like every other person on this earth, I have my insecurities. As I was looking at Read...
Leah Kavanagh    |   04.26.16   |   SHARE
“What is your husband going to think?” IDGAF.

4 Things I Learned When I Chopped Off My Long Hair

For the first time in 15 years, I didn’t have to ask for permission to get a haircut, so I chopped it all off. Oh, and I bleached it — from very dark Read...
Bridget Brown    |   04.7.16   |   SHARE

A Bra Story: How My Husband's Callused Hands Helped Me Choose Cotton Over Lace

After years of feeling like I was choosing between the slippers and stilettos of breast fashion, I visited a high-end lingerie store. My Read...
Anna Rosenblum Palmer    |   11.9.15   |   SHARE
This is for me, not for anyone else.

I Accept Myself As I Am But Still Want To Change My Body

I can't decide which school of thought is more annoying. “Lose weight, get healthy, don't be a drain on society, and finally have the best, most Read...
Michaela Mitchell    |   10.12.15   |   SHARE
"The tutu is never the problem."

How My Three-Year-Old Daughter Taught Me To Stop Worrying And Embrace Pretty

"Pretty is something we do, not something we are, and there’s nothing silly, stupid, or frivolous about it." Read...
Rachel Aimee    |   09.21.15   |   SHARE