BRB, buying a venti green tea from Starbucks so I can sip it.

#BOYCOTTSTARBUCKS: LOL You're Funny, Jerks (And Thanks, Starbucks!)

In today's, Oh Would You Just Shut The Hell Up Already: #boycottstarbucks

Oh ok. Sure. 

"I am one of the least sporty people you’ll ever meet, but the drama and the smile-on-your-brother pathos pull me in." Image: Unsplash, Agberto Guimaraes

Why I Have A Complicated Relationship With The Olympics

There are a lot of things to hate about the Olympics.

It's raining Yaz!

I Still Shop At Hobby Lobby — Even Though It's Run By Bigots

While the Supreme Court deliberated Hobby Lobby’s 2013 case against Obamacare, I took to social media to stoically announce: “I’m never shopping at Hob Lob again.” But I did. Over time, Hobby Lobby lured me back into its Jesus-loving automatic sliding doors. It wasn’t the weekly 40% off coupon that got me — it was the goddamn specific products that I repeatedly purchase as an artist. (I’m thinking about you, florescent paint.)


OKCupid Shuns Anti-LGBTQ CEO of Firefox

Let's hear it for OKCupid—for educating their members and standing their ground!