I Left The Church To Become A Witch, And I'm Never Looking Back

For the longest time, it felt like a dirty secret that I needed to hide from everyone. I left the church to become a witch! Read...
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Finding My Rebel Catholicism In Mexico City

In my rebel Catholicism, and the Catholicism that I see so many other Latinx people practice, faith and cynicism are dancing partners that invent Read...
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Not Your Grandmother’s Religion: Why My Parochial Education Was A Big Fail

I spent nine years attending Catholic School. I’m pretty sure I would have been there for twelve if the grades offered went beyond the Junior High Read...
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My Catholic Father Uses Our Spiritual Differences To "Keep Me In Line"

The through line of my life has been the tension caused by my father believing that I should “fall in line” and defer to his patriarchal authority. Read...
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When Branden came along, we decided not to baptize him; I just didn’t believe our sweet baby was born in sin. Image: Juan Carlos Leva/PEXELS.

Religion vs. Motherhood: Why I Doubt My Choices

I am still a very spiritual person, but don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the things I was taught growing up — or the way it was shoved down our Read...
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Why Progressives Need Conservatism To Save The Church

Conservative fetishization of the past is myopic, simplistic, and mean-spirited—but progressives can be too quick to cede tradition. Read...
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Please God. Don't let it be true. Courtesy of Thinkstock

Vatican Kicks Off Highly Dubious "Women's Culture" Conference

Too bad the Vatican has already undermined the entire project with its own daft efforts at outreach. Read...
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Catholic Conversion Therapy: When Religion, Sexuality, And Gender Collide

In an attempt to understand the apparent motives of conversion “therapists,” I contacted a number of them. Here's what they had to say. Read...
Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld of The Good Men Project    |   01.14.15   |   SHARE
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