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Take The Cake: I Accidentally Went On A Date With A “Clean Eater”

To him, perhaps, my fat feminine body was acceptable to sexualize. I can’t say I learned a foolproof way of avoiding going on a date with a clean eater.

Eating disorder recovery isn’t magic — at least, not at first.

Traps To Avoid On The Road to Eating Disorder Recovery (All Of Which I Have Fallen Into)

Eating disorder recovery isn’t magic — at least, not at first. It’s so normal for your brain to try and justify adopting another rule-ridden lifestyle.

My every decision was based off of whether I was having a good body image day or a bad one. Unfortunately, 99% of them were bad ones. Image: Kyle Broad/Unsplash.

Thinking Of My Body As Not My Own Helped My Relationship With It

I would wonder if others saw me as “super healthy” or as a “fit chick” — or if they had those thoughts at all. I was constantly consumed with every minute detail of my lifestyle, wondering if it was going to take me closer or further away from my ideal body.

According to the standards of the health and fitness industry, I was doing everything right. Image: Christopher Campbell/Unsplash.

When Your 'Healthy Lifestyle' Becomes A Disorder

[CN: eating disorders, thinspo] It’s easy to disguise disordered eating when it's become standard to mask a binge as a “cheat meal,” orthorexia as a “lifestyle,” and exercise addiction as “beast mode.”

I was so consumed and obsessed with being good with my food, that I completely forgot about being good at life.

Why 'Clean Eating' Can Actually Destroy Your Body And Mind

I am NOT saying that clean eating in and of itself is bad. I am saying that clean eating becomes bad when people confuse morality with it… which they often do: “I’m good if I eat 'clean' and I’m bad if I don’t.”

Not pictured: a filling breakfast.

Celebrity Diet Nonsense

In an interview last week for The Cut, Bernadette Peters made some absurd statements about how she eats to stay in shape. “It turns out there's no shortcut,” The Cut notes, “just a lifetime of exercise and extremely healthy eating” — except if you keep reading, you’ll see this relationship with food doesn’t sound healthy at all.

“Lately, I’ve gone back to coffee,” the two-time Tony-winning actress begins the interview, as if she’s admitting to a heroin relapse. She goes on to share that her typical breakfast consists of “three little smiles” of grapefruit and a spoonful of hemp powder.

This — which is all of about 50 calories — is fuel for a morning trip to the gym.


Ani Phyo: Raw Food Chef, Wellness Coach

If you’re looking for a health and wellness guru, look no further than Ani Phyo.