[My son] is not gross.

No, Party City, People Who Suffer With Food Allergies Are Not "Gross"

Party City’s food allergies ad wasn’t an innocent lapse in judgment or poor agency vetting. It was a revelation of their core values.

What offends you, ABC?

Is Fat Too Sexy For TV? Lane Bryant VS Victoria's Secret

In today's Fat Can't Possibly Be Sexy news: Lane Bryant. Network TV. Underwear. Fat Phobia.

At long last, a commercial that celebrates the outside-the-(TV)-box female form, and of course, in their historically misogynistic fashion, the networks won't air it.

What offends you, ABC? Is it my fat rolls? My cellulite? My body nourishing my infant? The space I occupy in general?

Image: Behind Blondie Park

Dear Pantene, Girls Without Dads Are Just As Strong

Where did you even get that statistic from? Did you make it up?


Trans Teen Stars In Clean & Clear Ad

It can be hard to avoid feelings of cynicism when watching treacly, feel-good TV ads—we're lookin' at you,

Credit: Flickr

8 Quotes To Live By, Courtesy Of Lisa Simpson

FXX is marathoning every last episode of The Simpsons. What better way to celebrate than with the best quotes of our favorite sax-playing mini-genius.

Ummm, did the token Asian call in sick? Courtesy of Colleen Criss

Why Dove's "Real" Beauty Campaign is a Load of Crap

A father began a petition asking Dove to fess up to their Photoshopping. Request? Denied.


Watch: Conan O’Brien’s Humble, Hilarious Hollywood Beginning

He’s such a natural in this music industry instructional sales video, Hollywood execs no doubt took notice.