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7 Of The Most Ridiculous Things My Kids Are Freaking Out About

This is not an exhaustive list, of the most ridiculous things my kids are freaking out about, but I am an exhausted mother. Read...
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So, let’s clear something up right now: You have a right to feel your feelings. Full stop.

Feel Your Feelings And Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Feelings are important. I don’t mean this in a trite, self-help sort of way. I mean, you have a right to your feelings. Full stop. Read...
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The things happening to my body are both unexpected and unwelcome. Image: Thinkstock.

7 Things To Know About Perimenopause (AKA Why I'm Crying/Yelling/Bleeding Everywhere)

I’m not mourning the loss of fertility. I’m mostly just waiting to see what happens next, like some sort of hormonal roulette. I’m writing this for Read...
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Ella. NOT going to school.

Why I Did Not Force My Hysterical Child To Go To Kindergarten

I tried to gently push her toward the door. More crying. I tried to enlist the teacher. More crying. I tried to convince her that the other children Read...
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5 Things Friday: Parenting Pitfalls

Becoming a parent is a blessed and sacred event. Never has there been a more life altering experience. No, seriously. Things you could never imagine Read...
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