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This Is The Happiest Story You Will Read All Day. (A Pug Is Involved.)

In addition to being named the first non-human Meridian Hometown Hero, Jaxon has been awarded a probationary firefighter badge.


There's A Farm Where You Can Do Yoga With Baby Goats (!!!)

If you’re lucky enough to live near Willamette Valley in Oregon, you can get a dose of outdoor yoga with cute little goats at No Regrets Farm.

"Capybaras are the world’s largest rodents and they look sort of like jumbo-sized guinea pigs."

Florida Is Experiencing A Literal Cute Invasion

Normally, when I think of invasive species, I get a pretty grim picture in my mind. The wilds of Florida are no stranger to terrifying invasive species either — 16 foot Burmese pythons, anyone? — but their latest case of exotic pets gone feral is less horror-movie and more “ZOMG I WANT TO SNUGGLE THEM!”

"By the time he got the all-clear from the vet to be adopted, there was a waiting list of people wanting to take him home." Image: Huffington Post

Batman The Four-Eared Super-Cat Finds A Forever Home

You might know that they call six-toed cats Hemmingways. But what do they call four-eared cats? Well, in the case of one such kitty in Pennsylvania, they call him… Batman.


Science Says: Tortoises Love To Be Touched!

Do you ever lie awake at night desperately wondering if tortoises have sensory receptors in their shells?


Angela Maldonado: Producer, Improv Performer

Spotted: at The Steeping Room, Austin TX

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Watch a Tiny Hamster in Tiny Mansion Have a Tiny Baller Life

What’s better than dolls in a doll house? A hamster in a doll house!


Watch: Confirmation That Kittens Are, Indeed, The Cutest Things Ever

Have we stumbled upon the most adorable cat video of all time? You decide.