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Why Men Need A Feminist Dating Site

My brief experience with online dating taught me that I hate it with a fiery passion. As a woman, I felt objectified and like a lot of the men on there wanted to see pictures of me so that they could judge if I was hot enough to go out for coffee with. I was already resentful and angry. And I know that I’m not alone. My female friends who have been involved in online dating have commiserated with me on this.

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Science Reveals The Secret To Tinder's Runaway Success—And It's Kind Of Depressing

When it comes to love, algorithms and personalities are out, and looks are in.

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Et Tu Brute? OkCupid Excitedly Reveals How It, Too, Has Experimented On Its Users

Stop, in the name of love! The divorce rate is 50% in this country, OKCupid. We really don't need your weird lies.


New All Girls App LuLu: Glorified Gossip or Neo Girl Power?

Every b*tch loves some girl-talk right?