Those who advocate for free speech the most vocally tend to be silent when marginalized people are censored.

When "Free Speech" Silences Marginalized Voices

When marginalized people respond to hateful speech with more speech, they often risk their physical safety — not just their comfort. Free speech is complex.

Hillary vs. Carly, Presidential Showdown

Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, And Unanswered Questions

So what does it all mean for women candidates past and future? (I won’t even include Sarah Palin in this discourse because she has become more of a performance artist, as evidenced in her slam poetry endorsement of Trump). I do wonder why Fiorina was able to get away with delivering her points of view in ways that often struck me as spiteful, condescending, or harsh to the ears. I didn’t attribute it to her gender. Rather, I don’t find her terribly sympathetic.


SB 277 And The Vaccine Debate

"The alleged benefit of public schooling is not a foregone conclusion. Case closed. The end."


White House Is Just Chilling, Man, On Marijuana Laws

With the White House’s support of marijuana research, it may be time to start calling it . .  . wait, what were talking about?


Real Life Or Sci-Fi? Scientists Debate Alien Communication

As the great Billy Shakespeare once wrote, "To contact aliens, or not to contact aliens? That is the question." 


In Ending Her Own Life, Brittany Maynard Raises Fraught Questions About Assisted Suicide

Should terminally ill patients have the right to end their own life?

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Sorry, Amal Clooney, But I Disagree: Why I Won't Be Taking My Future Husband's Last Name

My aversion to taking the last name of my partner isn't so much about feminism, as it is about identity.

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Florida Gubernatorial Debate Literally Derailed By Tiny Electric Fan: The Best Of FanGate

This. Happened. Who said politics was boring?