Tris Mamone

Tris Mamone


Tris Mamone is a queer trans blogger who writes about the intersections of social justice and secular humanism at Bi Any Means. They also host the Bi Any Means Podcast and co-host the Biskeptical Podcast.

Tris Mamone Articles

Non-binary invisibility affects mental health.

We Need To Talk About How Non-Binary Invisibility Affects Mental Health

It’s both comforting and disturbing knowing that my experiences navigating as a non-binary person are not unique. This is non-binary invisibility.

Growing up I thought autism was just for folks like Rain Man.

How Walk-It-Off Culture Delayed My Autism Diagnosis  

Growing up I thought autism was just for folks like Rain Man, but my friends helped me realize that autism is a spectrum.

When my activist community turned toxic, I had to find a way to keep moving forward with my work.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? When Your Activist Community Becomes Toxic

It got to the incredibly toxic point, with my activist community, where I seriously considered walking away from activism for good.

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What Spirituality Looks Like For An Atheist

When I look up at the stars at night, I feel such a deep connection that I want to know more about where I came from. This is spirituality!

This is why I’m done “proving” my identity to the nay-sayers.

I'm Done Trying To "Prove" My Non-Binary Identity

Masculinity always felt like a pair of shoes that didn’t fit quite right.

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How Queerness Influences My Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol was the antidepressant I felt I always wanted. There was no need to step back, breathe, count to ten, or do any other self-soothing techniques.

Unfortunately I held onto the dogmatic perfectionism.

How Dogmatic Perfectionism Nearly Killed Me

There was no room for fallibility or even a gray scale of good and bad — perfection was the only option. Dogmatic perfectionism nearly killed me!

 When it comes to handling call outs, you have to know the difference between guilt and shame.

The Mental Health Guide To Handling Call Outs

Let’s face it: call outs sucks, no matter what it's about. It doesn’t help if you are in any way either mentally ill or neurodivergent.

Those who advocate for free speech the most vocally tend to be silent when marginalized people are censored.

When "Free Speech" Silences Marginalized Voices

When marginalized people respond to hateful speech with more speech, they often risk their physical safety — not just their comfort. Free speech is complex.