Trump-eared dog (image credit @JVR1992)

This Dog Has A Cyst That Looks Like Donald Trump

Our President has been reduced to a sac of pus. That's how bad things have gotten. Yup, my dog has a cyst that looks like Donald Trump!

Celebrate the cuteness of koala + dog. (Image Credit: YouTube/Quashi)

#RavsRader: Celebrate #FurballFriday With Koala & Dog Cuteness

Today’s #FurballFriday is brought to you courtesy of my children.

"Duke first won office three years ago when he was elected as a joke. But it turns out he’s so beloved by the townspeople that they have re-elected him twice now!" Image:

The Mayor Of This Minnesota Town Is A Politician We Can All Get Behind

Hopeful readers, may I present to you, the three-time mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota: DUKE!


While Hunting Pokemon, This Family Discovered An Unexpected Creature

In the weeks since Pokemon GO was unleashed on the world, people have largely settled into two camps: people who love it and want to play all the time and people who think it’s stupid and make fun of the players. Say what you will, but the haters need to pay attention to the story I’m about to tell, because chasing Pokemon led one family to save a life.


Corgi Beach Day Is A Thing

Once upon the most glorious of times, 500 corgis met for a doggie-gathering at Huntington Beach in southern California.


Cuddle Clones Plush Toys Take Pet Obsession To New Heights

You know how people get attached to their pets? Obsessed even? Crazily, weirdly, freakishly obsessed even?

OMG isn't Dad embarrassing?! Courtesy of, Facebook

Obama Girls Aren't The First To Be Ridiculed, And They Probably Won't Be The Last

In the wake of GOP aide's Elizabeth Lauten's outburst, we remember ridiculed daughters of administrations past.


Quote of the Day: Pope Francis Warns Those Without Kids About the "Bitterness of Loneliness"

The Pope is concerned that too many couples are choosing dog-raising over child-rearing. Is he right to be alarmed?