#RavsRader: Celebrate #FurballFriday With Koala & Dog Cuteness

Celebrate the cuteness of koala + dog. (Image Credit: YouTube/Quashi)

Celebrate the cuteness of koala + dog. (Image Credit: YouTube/Quashi)

Today’s #FurballFriday is brought to you courtesy of my children. I told them I needed to write about an animal today and asked them what type I should choose.

They answered “Koalas!” without missing a beat.

So, I took that as my marching orders and went in search of koala stuff. As we all know, koalas are marsupials who live in trees and munch on eucalyptus leaves. They range in size from 2-3 feet tall and weight between 9 and 30 lbs. They have big fuzzy ears and really cute black noses, and I have always thought I would like to hug one. Their closest relatives are wombats, of killer butt fame. They live in Australia, where I assumed they were found out in the woods, munching and being cute away from humans.

However, this video of a koala sauntering up onto someone’s patio shows me how very wrong I am. Apparently, in some parts of Australia koalas are like squirrels and frolic in backyards. This koala even walks up to the door of the house and chills out with the family dog.

Can I just say, that is most relaxed dog in the world? My dog would have lost her mind if a koala — or any animal — had strolled up on her like that.

My only regret with this video is that there wasn't a doggie door. The koala really looked like he wanted to come inside and hang out some more, but he was too short to reach the doorknob.

But this video also gives me hope for us all. Because in a world where dogs and koalas can lie down together, we can probably all get along. 

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