#FurballFriday: Rare Baby Rhino Birth - Get Excited

Oh yes, it's a baby rhino. You gotta feel some feels for this adorable little guy.

Is there anything better than baby animals? No, there is not. Baby animals are the best. The whole internet was invented to give us access to pictures of baby animals. Of this I am convinced.

On this #FurballFriday, we are delighted to bring you news of a baby black rhino born at the Pittsburgh Zoo this week. This is the first black rhino calf born at the Pittsburgh Zoo since 2014.

And how cute is this little rhino calf??????

Rhino births in U.S. zoos are rare events; only two of the endangered creatures were born in the States in 2016.

The back rhino population worldwide is critically endangered, with only about 5,000 of the rhinos still living in the wild. Even these few are in conservation zones. Rhino populations have dwindled due to legal hunting prior to the 1960s, and then to poaching in the years since. At the peak of poaching, there were only 2,433 known rhinos in their native regions of Africa.

This loss of wild rhinos makes the birth of this new little baby even more special.

The new arrival won’t be on display at the zoo until mama and baby have had sufficient time to bond and establish nursing. Until then, we can enjoy one more adorable baby rhino pic!

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