One Bedroom, One Bathroom, & One Big Dalmatian

He’s happy as only a dog can be, but what was I thinking, bringing a big Dalmatian into a 650-square-foot space? I was not thinking of space.

I try to imagine weathering the storm of my father’s death without these animals by my side, and the thought alone nearly capsizes me.

Animal Companionship Is As Essential For My Mental Health As Human Connection

In what’s been the most difficult year of my life, animal companionship has been as essential to my mental wellbeing as the time spent with my family.

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9 Feel-Good Hurricane Harvey Videos Amidst All The Awful

When tragedy strikes, you can always count on people to be there for other people (and animals). That's what is great about most people. Underneath the bullshit, they care.

Rachel's face here is our faces watching this whole episode.

Gap Teeth And Toxic Masculinity: A Bachelorette Recap

I think we all collectively swooned when Peter proclaimed he was going to make a great dad…to the dog.

No matter what you want to tell him, your dog will listen to you.

8 Reasons You Secretly Love Your Dog More Than Your Boyfriend

There is someone in your life who loves you unconditionally — your dog.


May Your 2017 Be As Bada** As This Canadian Guy Protecting His Dogs From A Cougar

“And I saw something wrapped around her, so I ran up and punched it in the side of the head,” Gibbs told the CBC. “At that point, I realized it was a cougar.”

Image Credit: Cristian Baron via Unsplash

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help The World Suck Less

Though your favorite baby boomer might decry the efficacy of “virtual” anything, there’s nothing un-real about the money and awareness spread by online efforts from organizations and individuals committed to making the world a better place.

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Eating Too Many Oreos? How About Some Shock Therapy Instead!

This is an article about a real product that exists, that was designed to deliver an electric shock, to YOUR BODY, to stop you from eati