"There is something inherently good about hot liquor." Amen.

#RavsRecipes: Wintery Hot Toddy

Soothing warmth from the inside out to help ease your aches and pains, help you rest, and stop coughing. Read...
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#RavsRecipes: Super (Adult) Slushie

If you tend to eschew your inner child and prefer to feel somewhat sophisticated and faux-healthy, you can call a frozen wine drink a smoothie and it Read...
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It's been a long week. You deserve this.

#RavsRecipes: Blood Orange Basil Bandito

Next, juice your blood oranges. Or skip this and buy the juice from the spendy little corner market that sells $8 fair trade chocolate made from Read...
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Is it just me, or was drinking in Brittany's parent's basement way more fun? (Credit: Thinkstock)

The Essential Thanksgiving Eve Drinking Game

Twas the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and all through the bars . . . Read...
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Confession: I'm An "Almost Alcoholic"

While I preferred to think of myself as the proverbially fun/quirky party girl, I came to realize my drinking had finally gone too far. Read...