Elizabeth Warren

#ShePersisted, yeah you'd better believe it. (Image Credit: Flickr/Tim Pierce)

#ShePersisted, Oh Yes, She Did

Persistent women have made America greater, stronger, and just more than the Founding Fathers could have envisioned. Persistent women are holding up half the American sky and NO ONE should question our right to do so.

“All it can take is pissing off one billionaire on Wall Street to make it difficult.” Image: Edward Kimmel/Flickr.

Major Wall Street Donors Threaten To Pull Support For Clinton If Warren Is Named VP

A new report by Politico’s Ben White reveals major donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign may revoke their support of the candidate if she chooses Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as her running mate for the general election.

Michele Fiori

Nevada Lawmaker: "Hot Little Girls" Need Guns To Stop Rape

Also this week in "pantsuit politics": Rand Paul makes a ridiculous parody Hillary Clinton Pinterest page.


2014's Baddest Female Politicians

They came, they conquered. And the political world is better for it.

Harriet Harman, looking fierce

This Week in Pantsuit Politics: Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton—and an Ode to Harriet Harman

Over the last few days, Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Barry and Harriet Harman have demanded our attention. Here's why.


This Week in Hillary-World: Karl Rove Resorts to a Mental Health Slam

This week, age-ism against Hills was the name of the game. Are we really that surprised?