The ritual of sitting at my makeup table and swiping on mascara and blush is one that centers me a little for the day ahead.

Makeup And The Kardashians As Self-Care

I don’t know what you escape into when you’re overwhelmed these days, but for me? It’s makeup. That’s where the Kardashian binges come in.

This squirrel survived an alligator encounter, so there's hope everyone. (Image Credit: By - via Wikimedia Commons)

Squirrel Survives Alligator Encounter & There's Hope For Us All

We have a President musing about why the Civil War started, considering meetings with murderous despots, and preparing to sign anti-LGBTQ orders. How much are we supposed to be able to take? Because I don’t think I want to read the news any more. But in between fits of despair, we have the internet to provide us with animal videos.

Magic.  Image: Wikipedia

Breakfast At Hogwarts

Put on your robes, grab your spell books, and get down to the Great Hall! It’s breakfast time at Hogwarts!


Flash Fiction: They'll Be Dehydrated

One crawled up the side of the bag and opened her wings, a hardtop convertible with legs.

Credit: ThinkStock

How Two Teenage Girls Escaped From The Nazis During WWII

Mindel and Maria were young teenagers when the horrors occurred—but they remembered the tiniest details with crystal-clear intensity.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Badass Berlin Wall Escape Stories

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall, we share ingenious escape attempts—including one with a chicken coop.


Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Chimpanzee Prison Break! Woman Leads Man on Leash! Facebook is the Worst Thing Ever!

We scout out the latest weird news so you don't have to.


Man Filmed Escaping Burning Building

We bet this guy didn’t think of fire when he considered the perils of being a construction worker.