What's your good side or best selfie side?

Do You Have A "Good Side?"

Do you have a good side? I definitely don’t have a preferred “side.” I am sometimes pictures of myself for my job, and I don’t know which side is better.

My idea of daily self-care is huffing the cupcake-like scent of my night cream.

Live: Inside A SilkPeel

Now, listen. I know that anything that happens in 45 minutes with an aesthetician isn't going to be wizardry. It might not even be noticeable. But I also know that I am not very good at treating myself to nice things that involve sitting down and letting other people take care of me.


BREAKING NEWS: Uma Thurman Looks Different!

Throw your computer against the wall. Leave work. Storm the streets.


Watch Kim Jong Un Dance Like a Maniac

This Chinese viral sensation features a Kim Jong Un shaking it like he just axed another political rival. North Korea is none too pleased.


Brave Women Renounce Stigma of “Bitchy Resting Face” Condition

Our status quo is simply to look pissed off, but we will no longer suffer in silence!


Video Chat: Helping Long-Distance Friendships Everywhere

Beyonce and Lady Gaga agree: video chat sessions via Skype or FaceTime are an awesome way to stay close with old friends.