father's day

When I was a kid, my dad and I didn’t spend much time together. He was always taking my brother on weekend trips to go fishing, or waking him up when it was still dark to go deer-hunting, but I never wanted to go.

How I Caught A Dad On Pokemon Go

When I told him that I caught a Mantine, he wrote back, Yeah, I think I caught four or five of them today. I didn’t mind—for the first time in my life, my dad and I were talking without a mediator. He called around Thanksgiving to tell me that a new Pokémon had been added. He checked in again during a special water event in the game and said, Are you catching the fire out of these water Pokémon?

My father may have been gone, but he was still here. My name connected me to him, and that realization was incredibly powerful.

What I Realized About My Last Name After My Father's Death

My last name links me to my father. Every time I see it, every time I write it down, I think of him. It helps me keep him alive in my soul, and it makes me feel like I’m carrying a part of him with me wherever I go.

author and her family

(Step)Fatherhood and the Blended Family

Nothing can really prepare you for being a parent. And there is no damn way anything can prepare you for being a step-parent.

me and dad, circa 1979

5 Things Friday: Sage (And Occasionally Odd) Advice From My Father

"Never have sex with a virgin." Which incidentally I did, not once, but twice.


How I Learned To Thrive Without A Father

I disowned my father when I was 17. He was a perfect storm of a human being, drowning women in physical abuse, rape, judgment, and his excuses. I experienced all but rape, and for that I consider myself lucky.


Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 7—Dad Jams for Father's Day

We made you a mixtape . . . to celebrate the music-grooving men who raised us.


Father’s Day Gift Guide: 6 Presents that are Better than a Tie

Father's Day is this Sunday. Mix up the gift giving with whiskey, USB chords, shoes and more.