Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 7—Dad Jams for Father's Day

Today is Father's Day, so we're going to go ahead and admit it: here at Ravishly, we have some daddy's girls in the mix. To celebrate the men who helped create us (and maybe even helped raise us), we made a mixtape of all the songs that reminds us our dads.

Giana Says: "Break on Through (To the Other Side)"—The Doors

Back in high school, my dad and I road-tripped down to San Diego. He wanted to drive his car, which was a manual. To break up the long drive, I offered to learn stick and help out on I-5. Life got in the way and I didn't get a proper lesson before the big day. Dad pulled over at a gas station and taught me the basics for about 10 minutes, then said, "Ready?" I zoomed out of the gas station and onto the freeway, nearly getting us steamrolled by a semi. Miraculously, he kept his cool and said, "I knew you could handle it." He trusted me! What? Though small, it meant the world to me; my dad had faith in my abilities to do adult things. It was an awesome bonding moment. I blasted The Doors and smiled to myself while my palms sweat oceans into the steering wheel.

Aubrey Says: "Rain"—Uriah Heep

One of favorite dad memories is sitting at the campfire listening to him play guitar and sing. Even though this is played on the piano, my dad learned to play it on the guitar so that he could play by the fire. It brings tears to my eyes when I hear it and I always sing it when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Allyson Says: "I'm So Glad"—Cream

My father is a dry-humored British man and is pretty mild-mannered 24/7. That is until he hears Cream. He just goes crazy for Cream.

Nikki Says: "Hey You"—Pink Floyd

I can't hear this song without thinking about my dad with his eyes closed and head back, doing air instruments and singing along. The man loves Pink Floyd. And who can blame him?

Flora Says: "Daddy Cool"—Boney M

Boney M, an esoteric German band, was one of the few foreign bands that were allowed in communist Russia. My dad loves dancing and "partying" to the point of embarrassment, so this song always gets him going at family events. He never misses a chance to have silly, un-cool fun. And that's what makes him so freakin' cool in my eyes. 

Jane Says: "I Fought the Law"—Bobby Fuller Four

When I couldn't sleep as a kid, my dad would stay up with me and we'd listen to oldies. We both were big fans of this song.

Sarah Says: "Gloria"—The Them (with Van Morrison!)

When my dad was but a wee teenager in the 1960s, he snuck out to a raging party where he got drunk for the first time . . . and this was on the soundtrack. He doesn't remember much from that night, but he retells that story and laughs every time while my sister and I bump this song (or the cover by The Doors). Usually, my dad's turning down the radio, but not with G-LO-R-I-A!

Katie Says: "Little Darlin'"—The Diamonds

My father is a huge fan of music from the 50s and 60s—it's so hard to choose just one that really conjures up his image to me—but this song is just so over the top (my father's a theater man) and really captures the whole era he's still impossibly in love with. My father is also one of three brothers and he loves talking about how they used to sing it together as kids, which is just about the strangest/most adorable thing I can imagine. He knows every word.

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