Every week, we'd gather in our family's small living room and watch Dawson's Creek together.

How Watching Dawson's Creek Brought Me Closer To My Dad

Every week, we'd gather in our family's small living room and watch Dawson's Creek together. And, thankfully, a tradition — and a bond — was formed.

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How The Brutal Murder of My Father-in-Law Saved My Husband's Life

There were 1,958 murders in New York that year, and my husband's father was one of them. It was a brutal homicide. My husband was only seven at the time.

Giles Coren's most recent column is full of fat-shaming

Every Justification For Giles Coren’s Fat-Shaming Debunked

Giles Coren writes a column about fatherhood for Esquire UK. His most recent column is full of fat-shaming including shaming is own son.

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This Dad Shows Us The Overwhelming Emotion Of Welcoming A Rainbow Baby

Welcoming any baby is probably the single most emotional experience of the human condition. But welcoming a Rainbow Baby?

My father may have been gone, but he was still here. My name connected me to him, and that realization was incredibly powerful.

What I Realized About My Last Name After My Father's Death

My last name links me to my father. Every time I see it, every time I write it down, I think of him. It helps me keep him alive in my soul, and it makes me feel like I’m carrying a part of him with me wherever I go.

Little lies or big ones, knowing when to tell the whole truth and when to hold back can be hard with kids. (Image Credit: Instagram/nbcthisisus)

What 'This Is Us' Has Taught Me About Lying To My Kids

** If you haven’t yet watched this series, the below article includes some spoilers. **

“Just feel it,” my friend said. “Take it as your father speaking to you, telling you how much he loves you.” (Image via YouTube)

"This Is Us" Mirrors Watching My Absent Black Father Die of Cancer

When This Is Us debuted, I was all in. What I didn’t expect is that it would touch my heartstrings in a way I hadn’t prepared for.

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Me, My Parents, Fox News, And A Screaming Match — Being An Adult Is Complicated

Becoming an adult didn’t magically open me up to their world and their psyche as I thought it would. Even having children of my own did little to unravel the mystery of my parents, because I wasn’t really interested in exploring honestly. I have always been concerned with who my parents were in relation to me, not who they were on their own.