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I Feel Pretty, Not Delusional  

Amy Schumer, of I Feel Pretty, keeps trying to sell us this narrative that she is fat (and ugly, which she seems to think mistakenly are the same Read...
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From AllGo's website: www.canweallgo.com

AllGo: The Fat-Friendly Review App Creating A World Where Everyone Fits

Make no mistake: this isn’t just about sturdier chairs. This is about the pain and humiliation of being told, “You must be this thin to engage with Read...
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5 Hacks To Help You Ignore Khloe Kardashian's Thin Obsession

Khloe Kardashian who has been touted as a “body positive” advocate, recently wrote a post called 5 Hacks to Look Thin AF in Your Pics. Read...
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Take The Cake: The Perks Of Being A Spinster

To me, being a spinster is a lot about prioritizing myself, my needs and my desires over the culture’s needs and desires for my life. Read...
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Take The Cake: “Polite” Fatphobia Is Actually More Damaging   

So as you can see, “polite” bigotry is just bigotry. It's manipulative. It's aggressive. And it hurts people. Speak up against polite fatphobia! Read...
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Chronic illness and fatness can interact in ways that exacerbate both the ableism and fatphobia we experience.

What Your Sick, Fat Friend Wants You To Know 

As a sick person, sometimes even well-meaning people say and do things that are frustrating. Here's what your sick fat friend wants you to know. Read...
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If sugar is the problem, then why stop at sugary drinks with this soda tax? Why isn’t there an éclair tax or a tiramisu tax?

Take The Cake: Soda Tax Is Bigotry Masquerading As A Public Health Initiative

The double standard of the soda tax is glaringly absurd, but grounded in a long history of selective regulation and bigoted attitudes. Read...
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Fat people need Megyn Kelly and Maria Kang to STFU.

What Megyn Kelly And Maria Kang Think About Fat Shaming Doesn’t Matter

Megyn Kelly and her guest, Maria Kang, bragged about how having their loved ones fat shame them has been part of their fitness and nutrition routines. Read...
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