Writing about female sexuality, before that was a thing. (Image Credit: Wiki Commons)

5 Reasons To Read Anais Nin, Queen Of Feminist Erotica

Welcome to the 21st century, in which women have more power than ever before, yet have less power than ever before as well.

Matt Joseph Diaz

Matt Joseph Diaz Mondays: Female Comics!

This Monday, Matt talks about female comic characters. Batman? How about BatNOTSOMUCHMAN.


Most Female Prisoners Have History Of Sexual Abuse — What's Going On?

The juvenile justice system is brutal, but it's even worse than we thought. 


History In The Making, Baby: US Women's National Soccer Team Parades In NY Today!

Why has it taken this long for New York to celebrate women’s soccer with a parade?


Liz Klinger: Co-Founder And CEO Of SmartBod

Who knew the tech industry could do that.


My Queerness Is Not An Annulment Of Your Identity

No, nothing will make you less of a woman. But nothing will make me more of one, either.


Gender Bias Still Exists In Literary Criticism

As we all know, progress does not march forth in beautiful, lock-stepped advancement like a well-oiled army; rather it trips and stumbles along, it


Reflecting On Selena, 20 Years After Her Extraordinary Life

There was something special about Selena. No. Scratch that.