Little Bear Schwarz

Little Bear Schwarz


When not pounding out feminist rants, Little Bear Schwarz can be found performing in the Seattle area as an opera & show tune singer, a spoken word artist, and as a bearded lady with modern circus sideshow troupe, Wreckless Freeks.  She enjoys strong coffee, stinky cheese, social justice, and Shakespeare.

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Credit: Facebook/Phantom Of The Opera

The Feminist Dilemma Of My Burning Love For Phantom Of The Opera

If we were to cut off all of our favorite forms of media because they contained problematic elements, we would live in a very silent and still world.

You don’t get a free pass to “Feminism Land” because you read the same ‘zines we do.

An Open Letter To Lazy Feminist Men

You can’t just sit there and post links; you can’t just talk a big game. You have to walk the walk. Want to make the world a better place for us? Start listening to — and stop stonewalling — the women by your side.


Why “Just Eat in Moderation” Is A Destructive Response To My Disordered Eating

I can’t just eat in moderation—at least not yet. But I am fine-tuning and honing and perfecting my body with the honor, respect, and love of a hand-crafted sword.

You do you.

Love the Sinner, Hate The Sin? Why Labeling Feminism 'Good' Or 'Bad' Doesn't Help

If the world told me that I would never land a career, a love life, or happiness as a woman, with a face & body covered in hair, is it not empowering (and to a degree, feminist) for me to flip them the bird, grow it anyway, and prove them wrong?


Yes, I'm A Bearded Lady; No, I'm Not "Grateful" For Your Attention

“I actually like women who look like you.” How do I begin to explain what is wrong with that statement?

I snapped.

6 Things I Learned From Heartbreak And Financial Ruin

The building pressure of trying to find security and a future on my own, compounded with my heartbreak, caused me to snap.


Just Because I Want To Lose Weight Doesn't Mean I'm A Bad Feminist

At its core, body-autonomy—and feminism itself—is about giving women the benefit of the doubt that they can make up their own minds.


My Queerness Is Not An Annulment Of Your Identity

No, nothing will make you less of a woman. But nothing will make me more of one, either.

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What It's Like Being A Sideshow Performer — On And Offstage

So the result, therefore, is a culture of “fans” considering us Sideshow Freaks — bearded ladies included — to be “neat” and “fun,” but not actually real.


I Can’t Be The Patron Saint Of All Things Queer And Hairy

I appear to be someone whose queerness, hairiness, and chubbiness has been wholly embraced and celebrated. I must have the answers! I don't.