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Take The Cake: To The Man In Seat 36D Who Fat-Shamed Our Flight Attendant ​

Man in 36D who fat-shamed our flight attendant, what happened to you? What (or who) shaped you into someone who could take so much from others?

Moms flying alone with kids need more support and less judgement.

5 Easy Ways To Help Moms Flying Alone With Kids

Next time you see moms flying alone with kids, try some of these tips. You might make someone's day.

Jes Baker, The Militant Baker. Flying while fat.

Tips For Flying While Fat

I’ve compiled the BEST ways that I have found to ease the discomfort (physical and emotional) of flying while fat in hopes that you feel free to travel.


Touching Down: Flash Fiction

LAX, on the other hand, seemed like a perfect place to pick up the latest deadly virus.


Watch: Snakes Flying Through the Air! (Like We Needed Another Thing to Worry About)

If you were disturbed by Snakes on a Plane, we’re sorry to inform you that slithering reptiles are in need of no aeronautics device to fly