My sickness bought us closer and helped me embrace my new, totally unexpected relationship. Image: Abby Dawson.

How Waking Up Next To My New Girlfriend Covered In Sh*t Changed Me

[CN: emetophobia] I look up at Hannah with bulging eyes and my hands covering my mouth. We have a bit of a shituation. “Han, I am so sorry."


7 Ways To Treat Your #ActivistBae

Self-care is hard, but it is especially necessary for those of us engaged in activism. It is easy to become so engrossed with activism (which, as you know, focuses on organizing and combating oppression) that self-care falls by the wayside. Participating in self-care, in fact, is a revolutionary act, and it should be equally ingrained in activism work. Out of selflessness, however, activists often put greater needs above our own.


"Get Her A Chocolate Cake With Her Face On It": Advice from a Four Year Old

From the mouth of babes—at least this one—comes golden drops of glinting wisdom.

Credit: ThinkStock

I'm A Man With Anorexia—I'm Not "Manorexic"

I would look in the mirror, hate what I saw, and know that I did it to myself.

Credit: Conny Liegl/Flickr

If My Boyfriend Cheats, Please Don’t Tell Me

I would break girl code. And if you love me, I hope you would do it for me too.

Like, who actually does this? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video Tackles The Harmful Notion Of "Crazy"

Stop calling your lovers "crazy."

Get it. Courtesy of, Facebook

3 Reasons Why Hunter Pence Is The Stud Of The World Series

Hunter Spence is. everything. Here are just three reasons why.


Hot and Bothered in Brazil: World Cup Sex Rules by Country

The Olympic Village is traditionally a breeding ground of sin. How does the World Cup measure up?