"Get Her A Chocolate Cake With Her Face On It": Advice from a Four Year Old

From the mouth of babes—at least this one—comes golden drops of glinting wisdom. Got a broken heart? Not sure where you're going in life? There's no problem Theo can't—with the help of his mom—solve before naptime. 

Dear Theo,

How young is too young to have a girlfriend/boyfriend? My friend's daughter is 12 and she already has a boyfriend--her parents think it's cute, but I'm worried!  -- Margo from Santa Cruz

A kid can have a boyfriend or girlfriend. A boyfriend or girlfriend is like a regular friend but you play different games. If you're a kid and you have a girlfriend and you want to get a baby, then you can just babysit. 

Dear Theo,

What should I do for my mom on Mother's Day? Is it weird to ask her what she wants? ​ -- Lyla from Oakland 

You can ask her what she wants, but you should ALSO get her a chocolate cake with her face on it.

Dear Theo, 

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're sad? I'm trying to help out a friend. -- Steve from Berkeley

I give myself a hug! If that doesn't work, I can ask a parent or a teacher for help.

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