Unrequited Love is Torture—Here's a Poem About It!

Chances are, you've experienced agonizing, soul-wrenching, f-my-life unrequited love. We found a poem that shares your pain...but in a totally Read...
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High on History: Missing Malaysia Flight Conjures Ghosts of Crashes Past

The missing Malaysia Flight 370 is all over the 24/7 news cycle. Lest we forget the oldies, here are four more prominent crashes. Read...
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America Vs. Thailand: Is Backwash Puritanism Better Than Dangerous Sex Work?

Are you kinda sick of hearing people debate the morality of the infamous Duke porn star? Thailand would agree, but that's not necessarily a good Read...
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Missing Brain and Pilfered Organs: 3 Grisly Tales of Tampering with Famous Corpses

While we all hope for dignified treatment when we’re finally laid to rest, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that Read...
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From Angry Bees to Barbara Walters: Welcome to the Timeline of Good Vibrations

Barbara Walters has announced she loves to get randy with her vibrator, and no one's blushing. How did we get to this blissfully evolved place? Read...
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Easy-Bake Oven: Sugar-highing America’s Children for 70 Years

Long-running toys can be fascinating historical objects. Barbie plays tennis and drives a peach convertible in the 1950s (and appears to have a Read...
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Women: Moral but Dumb. Watch This Suffragist Take Down Sexist Arguments

Every now and then we are reminded of the shocking fact that women used to have no vote. More shocking still? U.S. women only gained the vote 94 Read...
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Ladies Home Journal 1911 Vision of 2011: No Mosquitoes, Flies, or Weaklings

Journalists, industry bigwigs, politicians, and academics alike love to toss out big, bold (and possibly fallacious!) predictions about future trends Read...
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