High on History: Why Are There Two Carolinas and Two Dakotas?

Hint: both territories split due to riotous behavior, incompetent governance and a touch of bureaucratic jockeying. Read...
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Material World: Who Is the Richest Man Of All Time?

The answer may surprise you. Read...
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6 Historical Facts that Will Explode Your Sense of Time and Space

Here are some realties that don't jibe with common conceptions of historical eras. Read...
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Top 5 Craziest Failed Political Parties: A Voting Season Special!

In honor of yesterday's primaries, we bring you the wackiest political parties that are no longer with us. Read...
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Is No-Makeup Shaming the Latest Misogynistic Trend?

Dear world: please stop telling women with no makeup on that they're ugly. Read...
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Invoice Your Ex? On Behalf of Women Everywhere—Hell No

Isn't it time we moved past putting a monetary value on women? Read...
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CultureSex + Love

Man Deposits Manhood into ATM (And Other Strange Sex Tales)

Bikes. Ghosts. Hot pockets. What will the drunk and horny turn to next? Read...
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Sex + Love

Daily FYI: "Hysteria" Defense Gets 19-Century Woman Acquitted of Murder Charges

This one's for you ladies. For all the sweet sweet lady-bits that have ended up on the butcher-block, we've got a triumphant tale of ureteral glory. Read...
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