High On History: Clowns Are Cultural Archetypes, Transcend The Time-Space Continuum

Loathsome as clowns may seem in the modern era, these corny—and creepy!—tropes have been archetypal, cross-cultural characters throughout the ages. Read...
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Dear person who decided to put marshmallow and chocolate together: We love you. (Credit: ThinkStock)

5 Of The Oldest Snacks We Still Nosh On Today

You may be surprised that some of your favorite indulgences are positively ancient in origin. Read...
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3 True Tales Of Tremendous Sunken Treasure

These tales of real-life buried treasure should keep your youthful dreams of pirate bounty alive. Read...
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Five apples tall, just like a real 8-year-old girl. (Credit: Facebook)

Breaking News: Hello Kitty Isn't Actually A Cat!

Here's a brief history of the most famous cat that's apparently not a cat (what gives, Sanrio?). Read...
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Why Are the Lyrics Of Lullabies So Disturbing?

We think of lullabies as sweet and soothing, but their lyrics often reveal a darker side that’s just for momma. Read...
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Spider-Woman Makes Bootylicious, Misogynistic Debut

The latest female superhero is little more than sexually objectified eye candy. Are we surprised? Read...
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This Day in History: The Beatles' Famed Concert at Shea Stadium

We share some surprising facts about the concert that marked the pinnacle of Beatlemania. Read...
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Secrets of the Ouija Board: Why People Still Can't Get Enough of the Haunted Game

The Ouija is enjoying a resurgence. To discover why, we look at the history of this eerie pastime. Read...
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