Malaysian Crash Conjures "Accidental" Shoot-downs of the Past

With the latest Malaysian airlines disaster looking like a takedown by military forces, we remember the tragic history of these incidences. Read...
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Want to See the First Spider to Walk the Earth? Science Can Do That for You

See how it all began for the subject of our arachnophobia nightmares. Read...
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Why It's Time to Ditch the Word "Feminist"

Is the problem with "feminism" the word itself? Read...
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From Cher to Britney: How Auto-Tuning Took Over the Music Industry

A leaked clip of Britney Spears singing "Alien" sans auto-tune has tongues wagging. How did the music industry devolve into this sad state of affairs? Read...
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Could Squirrels be the Solution to our Societal Problems? A Brief History of the Urban Rodent

Our daily confrontation with squirrels did not develop as a societal scourge, but as a conscious act of domestication. Read...
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Religious Persecution, Pestilence and other Sordid Inspirations for Nursery Rhymes

Classic English nursery rhymes reveal the harsh realities of murder, violence, disease and torture. Enjoy, children! Read...
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High on History: 3 Fashion Trends Seriously Hazardous to Health

We’re all willing to suffer a little for beauty, but these case studies took the body toll to a whole other level. Read...
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Watch: These 5 Famous History Stories Have It All Wrong

Maybe it’s mean-spirited to let the air out of sketchy history, but it’s also oh so satisfying. Read...
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